Overview & Routine

It takes time—loose, unstructured dreamtime—to experience nature in a meaningful way. In an effort to value and structure time, some of us unintentionally may be killing dreamtime. Richard Louv

Much of the rhythm of the day is determined by the needs and interests of the children, however the general sequence of events are kept the same in order to provide the children with consistency, predictability, and balance.

900-1030 Morning Session: Inspiring Invitations

The first session serves to rouse the children’s senses, inspire ideas, and help them through the drop-off transition. As children arrive they are greeted by a calming space and invited to explore a variety of carefully selected  materials and play choices.

1030-1130 Into the Wild: Outdoor Play & Exploration

The children will take their morning inspiration out into the natural world where they are free to explore, take healthy risks, collect materials, ask questions, and encounter new curiosities. Questions and suggestions will encourage them to directly engage with their morning inspiration.

1130-1230 Lunch & Reflection

The group will eat lunch together picnic style and share their thoughts on the morning, as well as what they might like to create in the afternoon.

1230-100 Rest & Relaxation

The children are encouraged to take time to rest their bodies and minds during this time. They can sleep if needed or engage in a calm independent activity of their choice.

100-230 Afternoon Session: Inspired Creating

The afternoon session is for the children to work on a creative project of their choosing. The children may choose to work on the same project for multiple sessions or start and finish new projects daily. The children can choose to collaborate, work independently, or a mix of both.